Your night of FREE MONEY to win the £25,000 Jackpot has arrived on Golden Hat Bingo

by Boss Lady Sophie - November 16th, 2012

Hi Everyone

We have an AMAZING night planned for you in the ‘Golden Villa’ room! The Jackpot has just hit £25,000 and it’s starting to escalate from 5pm!

To give you the best shot of winning, we’ll be giving you FREE money AND redeposit codes every hour, until the jackpot is won!

Your 1st FREE money code is JP25K  

It expires at 6pm, so make sure you enter it quick! CH_Pearl will be giving out even more bonus codes on the hour every hour until the jackpot is won! Make sure you stay on line to claim all your bonuses! 

Here’s how it works: At the moment, you need to call a full house in 29 balls or less to hit the jackpot. However, from 5pm tonight we’re going to increase the ball count by one ball every hour!

If it’s not won by 8pm, we’ll increase the ball count by 2 balls an hour! We’ll keep increasing the ball count every hour by 2 balls until somebody wins the jackpot!

Please note this is a community jackpot, which means 50% of the prize fund is split between all players with a ticket in the winning game. The other 50% is all yours! (if you win it!)

It’s probably the best Friday night I’ve ever seen…GOOD LUCK!

BM Tony

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